Poetwear 1.0

Join The Revolution and wear the Poet

I appreciate the time that you take to read my work. It may not be Frost like, Poe like or Earth like, but my poems are what they are.  At one time, poetry was all I had, to survive from being swallowed whole by the Collective.

I decided that poetry truly was a silent revolution taking place around the world. More and more poets are gaining and adding their voices to the masses.  Like the Beat Generation before us, there can be awesome, ground moving power in a poem. Generations have been defined by the Beat. What the Beat didn’t have, was really cool clothing, with a slogan showing allegiance to the revolution that was taking place.

Now we do. Needing to make a dollar or two to survive in this hard and often, unforgiving world, the BorgPoet has ventured out into capitalistic waters, I do ask for your forgiveness, and am currently offering shirts and hoodies from cafepress.com. An e-book is forthcoming as well.

Together dear reader, we can make a difference in this world. We can join a revolution that literally, wears their heart on their sleeves and change the world, one verse at a time.

Thanks for your continued kindness towards this old dreaming man.

(Because of WordPress policy, I cannot add the link to this page that would normally direct you to Poetwear. If you are interested, leave a comment, or email or Tweet!)


12 thoughts on “Poetwear 1.0”

  1. “Easy way out”? You kidding?

    We are Poets. There is no Easy Way for us. As Poets we need to support one another. This is how we play it: when I have the cash, I buy the coffee; when you have the cash it is your turn. We need the caffeine for the late night writing we do after working our 9 to 5. That 9 to 5 is what allows us the time to write. We live to write.

    We share vowels, we share poetry, we share metaphors and imagery. We support one another.

    Who is ‘going to buy that’? Me and other Poets and anyone who happens by the VERY cool Tee at CafePress.

    Poets support Poets and have forever. That is how we play it.

    Peace, Jen

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