keep your heart under control
and feel the smooth winds howl
kissing you
as remnants pass by

soft summer sky
across the landscape torn
but she yields to no one
lying and dying
a violent streak hidden

behind blue eyes
she tells no one secrets
of stones unturned


softly spoken

silent soul wonders
as the wind reminds us of winter
the landscape covered
winter white
and the snakes lay buried

white ghosts travel across the highway
where there is no home
no rest
and the snakes sleep deep

she is softly spoken
like a kind word
never heard
but always felt
and the snakes sleep deep

how long

i can see through her darkness
that’s hidden behind a scarlet smile
heaven smiles at her sweetly
and i can hear her sing

she stood she stood
uninterrupted somewhere down the line
she stood she stood
uninterrupted and i know
i know why

how long must the creases
erase what is good
how long must i remember
the door that behind her
were memories
were memories blurring

she stood
she stood
in the darkness
hidden behind a scarlet smile
and how long must i remember
how long to forget

Am I There Yet

Am I Old Yet She Asked, As She Trudged Through The Snow. Her Mind Filled with Memories from long ago.

She laughed as she thought of happier times. When life was filled with children and nursery rhymes.

Happiness and Laughter echoed through her mind. As She trudged through the darkness,

Churchbells chimed.

How will I know when I’m too old to go Walking alone in the soft moonlight glow. When will the feathery soft snow flakes Stop enchanting me, its beauty breathtaking.

My heart and soul fill with the wonder of it all. My body may be wrinkled and old but inside I’m only two feet tall.

Rain Drops are still wet upon my face.

No I’ll never be old in my secret place.

Author: Rosanne

castellian nights

they shine above
and you do not know why
brilliant distant
tears that touch the sky

cold winter wind
catches morning light
a flare a tear and then its too late

we said goodbye across empty space
across empty time
paper dust folded my heart
like a stolen rag

part II

she tap taps her keys a
little less
a little less
behind tired eyes
wearied fatigue
pulling her

short strands fall
glisten reflect whiskeys sour roar
a hush a bye
silent baby cries
as the tv lip syncs distress calls of the moral

its another night
another fight

open door

night time howls past the alleyway
and memories
of her
standing by an open door
blue eyes pink flesh taut against
the guitar strings
the wind

the alleyway becomes our heaven
backroom deals
a kiss passionate steams
hiked up sleeves
and then its finished

memories of her in that open door
blackened sweet
a touch
a drink
and then it was gone

Note: The Book of Proverbs warns us of those alleyways. Our eyes land, they fall and destruction is soon to follow.
I realize that poetry can show the dark corners where I used to live, but hopefully it can serve as a warning as well.
Those alleys, those streets lead to despair. Ask anyone on East Hastings what life is like. Most will say it is a life without hope.

I thank The Lord that I have been called out of the streets. If you are in a place that has no hope, call on Jesus.

deep cracks

I know all about the cracks
In the pavement
Where we fall through
One by one

Ghosts walk silently home
Smooth silky apparitions
Shimmer with neon eyes
Flaring glaring daring
You wonder where they go

And then it’s you

forever young

Broken Hearts - Google+ Cover Tribute
Broken Hearts – Google+ Cover Tribute (Photo credit: Daniel M. Reck)

forever young

is all you’ll ever be
forever young forever free
separate memories of
the lives we lost
one by one
a  photo, a dusty frame
sun casts its long shadow
on everyone
forever young.
(in honor/remembrance of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School)

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