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a little

a little solitude
a little beatitude
the music slows to a beat
ashtray emptied as another round
another round
wet lipstick smacking
a red dress cracking
and washed me all away

i said I needed
something more than I could find
and went on down
and went on down
to a forgotten road
to a forgotten road
all to easy to find
whiskey washed me all away

i found a savior
than the nails I tried
than the nails I tried.

the lights went out
and the crowd melted into the night




Into a world I did not create and

Could not relate but found certain








Borg 1.0 and Jesus

Wondering through a darkened corridor
I see the assimilated
the chosen
and I am one

We are
we become
we evolve
it is the pathway to perfection

narrow is the road
far is the gated
dominion of what once was
we are here
we are one

your resistance is understanding
the illogical deepened.

Heightened awareness.

Calvary calls out across the void
Intermittent perfection until assimilation is complete

Cameo restaurant

Sitting in the Cameo
drinking from a lollipop
Jesus came holding out the mop
said son you got to be aware
that there are dangers in the air

I looked and smiled
politely as can be
but said to mop up the spilled gravy

he vanished in a second
my coffee had grown cold
I looked around that old restaurant
empty chairs everywhere
I was alone.

Broken fear

Demagogue dreams with
silent screams the red light traffic
howls to a stop

Sandwich board declares the divinity
and shouts “Repent” Repent the time is near”
but in a fools folly
forgot the grace
and the people spit as they passed him bye.

Dreamers lessons begin with
the sandwich board sign
auctioneer holler
but the little man whimpers
in broken fear
hidden mantra dying slowly
on his lips
blue frozen and cracked.

The mirror opened up a little that day.

Jesus and the Bat Cave

Up on a cross
wood, wire
three nails and a hole

זה נגמר

swollen entry into the bat cave
justice done
and misery left undone

that is how it went
rolling from the bat cave
a block of stone
a new hero born.

Sages and kings
everyone had something more to say
but the argument was finished
by three nails and a hole.

Heavenly love

I can reach out
and touch the branch
that scratched your face

You can reach out and save the human race

I grow confused by shades of love
black and white
down and above
middle of the rhyme you will find me here

asleep with them in my heart
journeys start
and they follow me as I follow him
across the desert plain
destinies reign

Step up and be counted
rise up from your slumber
reach up
touch my face as you once were prone to do

I am here. Waiting.
Fresh fallen scales from my eyes

the journey never has to be lonely.

The tract

Lying in the dust
were words that were meant for me
my eye caught a glimpse of the word

I moved away from the parchment
lifeless, dusty thing
and continued walking
thinking of my Queen.

Skipped time and we missed a beat
there again was that paper at my feet.
there were no more mysteries it could reveal
we achieved the pinnacle of perfection
something made me pick it up