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keep your heart under control
and feel the smooth winds howl
kissing you
as remnants pass by

soft summer sky
across the landscape torn
but she yields to no one
lying and dying
a violent streak hidden

behind blue eyes
she tells no one secrets
of stones unturned



she breathes coolly
silvery rasps down my neck
like a moonlit stroll

she becomes my prairie landscape
soft, curving with a gentle slope
and lonely soul

i reach for her breeze
skirt caught in the tangled wood as she runs
through the darker lines
sand, wet sticking to her feet
planted by a kiss

she breathes coolly on my neck
mountain stream,chilling,
telling every pore
of a secret

deep eternal truths are the ones
that haunt
even the wind
that breathes coolly

cat walk

creekside catwalk
slowly long legs move
rythmic currents
grass breeze pushes past
her unfolding eyes

a soft hint of goldent amber,
drips like raven honey
strands that glisten in the prairie sun

a turn
a move and time freezes
that one moment


fractured touches

sleep lies under these eyes
silken lies woven into lullabies
sung softly through the wind
the trees
sway softly
under her touch

she sheds her skin
under the fluorescent, dull grey sky
a wry,dry smile wraps in her white blanket
with a cold soft sensual breeze

a fresh reveal of pink

and she shows me more
and she knows me more

broken fractured touches
is all we are given

another wind

she loves me silently
caressing gentle lines
creases her furrows
cold tethered, leathered hands
she brushes past softly

(whispers i hear her quiet soul)

sand gets caught in her eye
a wink
but i know she loves


the prairie sky
her caresses line careworn furrows
when my heart used to be.