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a hollowed out tomb
it echoes
between here and now
covered by a white dust shroud
i hear their dead but alive voices
rise above the laugh track
giving sway to the spell
that we were something more
than simply


silent whispers

words of what ifgrave
of could have
never did
anger erupting
spilling over into dreamscapes
landscapes and the lonely miles

malignancy, cold looks broken chairs
we wept in silent whispers
time marched cruelly, faithfully
until it was done.

raindrop lullaby

i needed your eyes
to rest
to sleep
up on your breast

i looked for you
in the headlights glare
the concrete stare
and found
a stone
had grown deep inside
so deep inside

we crossed those lines
all in our minds
as our feet
they yearned to be free
they yearned to soar
they yearned for more
than what we could be

i see the music beat
in the drops they fall
moist and sweet
we smiled
we passed
and it was gone
the cars passed by
each one holding your smile
locked inside
so i cant see
so i cant see

silver silhouetto

Abandoned Warehouse

a breath bounces
from tongue to tongue
back again
the night air creases the rain

your fingers dance in mind
a little game we used to play
night time crawling pleasures
drop the tab begin again

endless forever
a silver silhouetto
inside the Queen


Blood rinse

soft and swollen
what are you thinking about
soft and sullen
what are you thinking about

I can’t even whisper
its all about Glory and the holes we find
its all about the stretch of our mind
im thinking of tomorrow now
im thinking of today now
im thinking of flesh pressing in now
im thinking of all things now
mind is buzz buzz buzzing now

she smiles
that I dont recall her name
she smiles
at the sound of  the world around
she smiles and the people call

Time wraps up and its time to go now
but i’m thinking of a dream gone now
rabbit hole
sink hole glory hole
and I bite now
just a little longer do we remain

Summer Fire

Summer is in fire
city melts

"Red Connection" original painting by C. Bilsky

acrylic blues

he lived a life time on the ttc
strange visit ride
summer is on fire
lost and stolen

tripped on the dot
and laughed at the clouds
forming darker horizons
pale light from within

city burned while we rode
an ever blistering sky
dreams awoke the dreamer

Grandma Stacey’s House

before I was stolen
youth blinked
hollyhocks caught the summer sky
butter tarts, the
smell of coke and rye
a dime, embedded deep sidewalk
cavernous dirt down the stairs
fair memories swarm

and her smile
looks back to haunt me
kind and cherishing and it breaks
in the mirror
it breaks in the mirror
you know that its true

they are gone
but she lingers
liked sweet scented perfume
she rests with her maker
she sings with her maker
and my heart it breaks in two


She told me
dont cry brown eyes
was the one to hold me and
she was the one who told me
all of her lies

her glass teeth punctured deep
and I wanted more
her glass teeth punctured deep
into my lonely soul, into my lonely soul

was the one who held me
and she
was the one to let go
and let me

she left when
someone new came along
and she told me sorry but
her lies told a different story, yeah a different

her glass teeth punctured deep
and I wanted more
her glass teeth punctured deep
into my lonely soul, into my lonely soul, into my lonely soul