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tired eyes

valentines roll across the morning
with tired aching eyes
blinking dream clouds
of what was

valentines day
touches the soft membrane
of hidden feelings
between the sleeping and the next




Alcatraz Prison
Alcatraz Prison

i used to walk
among the towers of glass
nightline sky yellowed
acid mellowed charging the lights
red lights flickering
under doorways
needles injecting holes
the size of universes swallowing us whole
never knowing
the softness
of the grass
swept by a prairie sky
a lazy kite
a lazy smile

she was something i imagined
one fetal curled night

raindrop lullaby

i needed your eyes
to rest
to sleep
up on your breast

i looked for you
in the headlights glare
the concrete stare
and found
a stone
had grown deep inside
so deep inside

we crossed those lines
all in our minds
as our feet
they yearned to be free
they yearned to soar
they yearned for more
than what we could be

i see the music beat
in the drops they fall
moist and sweet
we smiled
we passed
and it was gone
the cars passed by
each one holding your smile
locked inside
so i cant see
so i cant see

a little

a little solitude
a little beatitude
the music slows to a beat
ashtray emptied as another round
another round
wet lipstick smacking
a red dress cracking
and washed me all away

i said I needed
something more than I could find
and went on down
and went on down
to a forgotten road
to a forgotten road
all to easy to find
whiskey washed me all away

i found a savior
than the nails I tried
than the nails I tried.

the lights went out
and the crowd melted into the night


recently I found you
under the alcove of stars
under the alcove of stars

recently I found you
naked and torn
recently I found you
and I thought I was alone

under the haywire
under the bra wire
I unstrapped you from your mind
I unstrapped you
I untrapped you
I unbegot you
I unloved you
I loved you
I begot you
I trapped you
I strapped you
and wiped away the mud buried
behind those eyes

were dreams ever this kind?

son down

west mountains hide the barrier
that has risen
silent killer anger
sits and roosts takes hold
stealing wanted youth
barriers that separate
no words to say through rage
through hate
through blinding acceptance that you
are alone.

lies spoken
twisted silent words that remove your heart
away from mine
lips tight
but the tongue yearns to be free

because that is where your heart is meant to be.


wrap your head around what wasnt was
and kept going through
the metered life
always ticking
counting your lonely miles

you think I cant hear you
whisper across the line
white dabbed and daunted

curves of the rolled
were the heaven of my dreams

ice cube

ice cubesI would like to think
as rye slipped past an ice cube
we danced cheek to cheek
and I never felt a thing

music beating my heart
red stilettos that never stood still
a fight
a tear
a sullen goodbye
and rye slipped past my ice cube

she saw me there
she saw me everywhere she wanted me to be
she saw me then
she sees me now she
sees me everywhere

I try to hide
I try to fly
I try to run away
I try to see
I try to be
but cannot be
but this empty shell

She calls my name
I hear it in the wind
of the cars passing by
I see her smile
I see her tears
but they mean the same

and that is how
my rye slipped past my ice cube

following me from nowhere

she is following me from nowhere
that’s where her spirit has been

she is following me from nowhere
thats where her spirit has been

a little life
a little lie
loneliness parades itself
like a lover that passes
like vapor

she is following me from nowhere
that’s where her spirit has been
when she turned the sun out in her eye



Muse of Muses : Greta Garbo

everynight my walls turn to tears
late night tv white screen
making noise through a smoking curl
rising from my fingertips
newspapers on the floor
from when we were together

walls all look the same
white plain jane
as smoke rises to the floor
Garbo looks down
stares silently frozen
then whispers like wind