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I stare at the emptiness around me
“Nothing is this empty” I think
But the thoughts come from nowhere
I reach out, my arm seems to extend forever
I shout, though I hear no sound
I become comfortably numb in thought
Though I am not comfortable
And thoughts do not exist
I am numb, I am nothing
My feet touch no surface
My fingers touch no object
I hear no sound in my ears
What is happening to me?
I seem to breathe though there is no oxygen
And the earth swallows me whole.

By Anna age 11


Am I There Yet

Am I Old Yet She Asked, As She Trudged Through The Snow. Her Mind Filled with Memories from long ago.

She laughed as she thought of happier times. When life was filled with children and nursery rhymes.

Happiness and Laughter echoed through her mind. As She trudged through the darkness,

Churchbells chimed.

How will I know when I’m too old to go Walking alone in the soft moonlight glow. When will the feathery soft snow flakes Stop enchanting me, its beauty breathtaking.

My heart and soul fill with the wonder of it all. My body may be wrinkled and old but inside I’m only two feet tall.

Rain Drops are still wet upon my face.

No I’ll never be old in my secret place.

Author: Rosanne

How dare

– A guest poem from the Son of Borg –

How dare the robins sing
On this day of mourn
For death came to the king
The empire will be torn.

Evil forces will come down
The brave will cower in fear
Evil will mock us, a clown
Apocalypse is near.

Life is coming to an end
The army can feel its force
Time, this cannot mend
Evil’s true power, the source
And so how dare the birds.