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pin up

i see a pin up behind her smile
and in her eyes
shines a bright

the music has words
i cant understand
i cant understand
underneath her beat

theres a pin up in all of us
who dance
in the light of the neon coated night

a flash
a smile
we’re all modern freaks
who sleep



recently I found you
under the alcove of stars
under the alcove of stars

recently I found you
naked and torn
recently I found you
and I thought I was alone

under the haywire
under the bra wire
I unstrapped you from your mind
I unstrapped you
I untrapped you
I unbegot you
I unloved you
I loved you
I begot you
I trapped you
I strapped you
and wiped away the mud buried
behind those eyes

were dreams ever this kind?

falling twins II

The Runaway

pastel paints lay in dust
Norman Rockwell’s world is forever gone
cops and boys
ice cream sundays from the evening post

falling twins
gone from the sky
Bates Hotel comes alive flesh
smoke rises from the fallen

who will mourn the dream
sunny day blurred by tears
sunny day quiet
skies lazy clouds cover witness

Norman’s paints lie down and sleep

falling twins

Tribute Yarn
Twilight Taggers photography.
plumes of the falling
buried slabs of dreams
and apple pie

twins begain to fall
removed from the eastern sky

a moment
the street scene,alive,writhing panic
street vendors buskers suits and ties
all were equal
united by fear and the sense to survive.

Shadows on the sundance

Early morning rain
and Im watching the shadows play
alone in the sundance
alone in the sundanceforgotten stops along the way
shadows play
shadows play
along the silvery range

rain slowing down
time to go
open skies are calling
shadows away

Photo by smemon87

Beauty and the Borg

The Borg Poet had an opportunity to meet with Nazanin Afshin-JamNazanin and Us.. She is President and Co-Founder of Stop Child Executions. Her uniqueness was not added to our own, but her impression upon us will remain for some time.

As tribute to one who remains outside: a poem

Treading water

not alone

a world away
straw floor beaten

living to fight
living for the right
alive another day
forgotten children of the revolutionary war

history cries
it folds
and the cleric sleeps
while children pour out their lives
from above the hangman’s pole

warm hand

the world is silent to the scream


a lit cigarette in an ashtray
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Caught in the middle of smoke
and I think of you
hidden between the vapors and the little lies
we tell

caught in the middle of smoke
but you wanted out
so you left and you left all over again
you left me with an empty bottle of gin

same old grin
crooked smile we smile

was everything always so green
were you always so fresh to me

I hid, I hid behind your smile
but now but now the smoke is the lie
and they turn they turn away

flying to be free
trying to be free
trying to be me

looking down a smokestack.