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Footprints in the Snow
Footprints in the Snow

these are the footprints she left behind
before she turned around to go


these are the footprints of a child
following her in the snow


the camera shook slightly
tears stained by the glaze
it was her time to go



–Rest in peace Trooper. We will meet again some sunny day.



I stare at the emptiness around me
“Nothing is this empty” I think
But the thoughts come from nowhere
I reach out, my arm seems to extend forever
I shout, though I hear no sound
I become comfortably numb in thought
Though I am not comfortable
And thoughts do not exist
I am numb, I am nothing
My feet touch no surface
My fingers touch no object
I hear no sound in my ears
What is happening to me?
I seem to breathe though there is no oxygen
And the earth swallows me whole.

By Anna age 11

part II

she tap taps her keys a
little less
a little less
behind tired eyes
wearied fatigue
pulling her

short strands fall
glisten reflect whiskeys sour roar
a hush a bye
silent baby cries
as the tv lip syncs distress calls of the moral

its another night
another fight

forever young

Broken Hearts - Google+ Cover Tribute
Broken Hearts – Google+ Cover Tribute (Photo credit: Daniel M. Reck)

forever young

is all you’ll ever be
forever young forever free
separate memories of
the lives we lost
one by one
a  photo, a dusty frame
sun casts its long shadow
on everyone
forever young.
(in honor/remembrance of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School)

22nd Street

somewhere winter falls on 22nd street
where only lost souls walk at night
carrying dreams in their pockets
trying to keep warm
as tears freeze to ice
and everyone seems
a little bit extra more than what they appear to be

smoke whiffed past my cold yellowed
as i trudged across the pavement plain
seeking an absolution a turning a returning a refrain
anything to ease the pain
as rye scorches the earth
flesh turned stone
flesh turned cold
by the closing of the door.

footsteps echo down the carpeted hallway

raindrop lullaby

i needed your eyes
to rest
to sleep
up on your breast

i looked for you
in the headlights glare
the concrete stare
and found
a stone
had grown deep inside
so deep inside

we crossed those lines
all in our minds
as our feet
they yearned to be free
they yearned to soar
they yearned for more
than what we could be

i see the music beat
in the drops they fall
moist and sweet
we smiled
we passed
and it was gone
the cars passed by
each one holding your smile
locked inside
so i cant see
so i cant see

62 Olds

Have you ever lived
inside the belly
of a 62 Olds?

Blood red upholstery
raises your quarters
with chrome steeled inlays
cold steel inlays that reflect


from your self

its roomy inside,you tell yourself
with a 392 under the hood
but its all you got
and the rust in her panels
and the lint in your pockets

junk filled veins collapse under the weight