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Grandma Stacey’s House

before I was stolen
youth blinked
hollyhocks caught the summer sky
butter tarts, the
smell of coke and rye
a dime, embedded deep sidewalk
cavernous dirt down the stairs
fair memories swarm

and her smile
looks back to haunt me
kind and cherishing and it breaks
in the mirror
it breaks in the mirror
you know that its true

they are gone
but she lingers
liked sweet scented perfume
she rests with her maker
she sings with her maker
and my heart it breaks in two


W.SHaTNer We never Assimilated You

Captain James T. Kirk
Image by Benjamin Lehman via Flickr

they say to turn 80
you had to run away
and live another day

But we were not in your quadrant
puny human scum
when you were a captain
of a garbage tub

now that you are older
and can’t run so fast
we have grown fond of you
and all of your telecasts…

Happy Birthday
from the Collective…

Caffeinated Borg

Drink the coffee all in time
drink the coffee one more time
the late shift is about to start
need a little caffeine start.

Coffee on the cube
black,oily, thick
species 84728
blended beans
served by the Queen

we are the caffeinated
we are the free
delusion state
router 7 comply

sugar cube
borg cube
we are made to die

caffeinated freedom
assimilated pie

no donuts in space

Activated Borg coffee

Trickling tears

This is the cover to the January 1953 issue of...
Image via Wikipedia

Glistening on the lamppost
twilight stares into the far night
cat reaches out
stretches claws across the briny sun

94791 until destination sig zero zero one

nothing left
data shield corrupted by invasion
silent chamber calmer deterring to the one
now is the time
fear liquidated the horizon ahead of us
we are one

Gary “The Borg” Coleman

Hey little man
why the frown?
Hey little man, being assimilated got you down?
Hey little man, did you ever know
what Willis was talking about and did you ever know,
What was going on with Mr.Drummond and Edna Garrett?

Gary The Borg Coleman

Dana had her Plato
but your parents had all of your dough

You tried to become another star,rising past the sitcom sun
a security guard, a has been, a bum.

Child celebrities never die, they are just assimilated into the Collective

RIP Gary. I thought you were pretty funny…

Spelunking on the moon

Dipping on a donut
spelunking on the moon
it is a thursday
thursday afternoon.

weeping and wiping tears away colder in the caves
when we are spelunking on the moon
gravity is low and things begin
to flow outward and upward
and down toward s the grave
when you are spelunking on the moon.

Interlinear corridors and paradoxes

Screaming streaming protons
nucleate the core
fused mind
faster light
pulse the engine
quickened roar.

Fusillades and monkey briefs
target the species
that mimic the co-optic venereal
brain stem becomes unplugged
media telecast
humorless little planet

arrogant in their fear.


Rubber duckies sailing by
9-11 happened in the sky
realities and dams
4-27 and I am alive

I saw a wrinkle
in the fabric of time
it was a lie
behind blue eyes
she smile at me, flickering
another lie
cop on the lonely beat

catch up to me
catch up to me
lets run lets run lets run
on the hill side

synchronization error.