About The Borg Poet

The Poet is a man. Just a man.

A member of a collective-trying to make sense of the world and the the people that live in it.

Once upon a time, I was a not so nice person, I am survivor of the streets. The streets and the violence of them held me captive for a very long time. Suzerain. Fueled by drugs and alcohol and a broken heart, the streets and violence became a part of my life for a very long time.

I began my journey into the land of the living when I in Paris. Young. Free. Unhindered by the suit and tie world of North America, I began to see people as they really were. Just people. Some good and some bad. True, I had also discovered a God that cared about ‘me’. Not about what I could do for him, or any of the crap that clings and wraps itself around religion, but He cared, about me. I thought that was pretty cool.

Poetry is a tool to discover those linkages that I have. To God. To the past. The future and to you.

Our realities are changing everyday. What about yours?

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