a little sleep

it happens when i close my eyes
dreaming silent whispers as the train goes by
lone whistle pierces the cry

i can see them
each and every one
little lines
against the black washed mind
etched in broken glass
her smile
like the wind set free

when i close my eyes


One thought on “a little sleep”

  1. Well Can you please come help me. My meds have given me Dementia, confusion, delusions,and I have lost my sight close up. I ended up Sunday, first showing up at my Drs door, when we didn’t have an appoinment. And I don’t remember it happening. Then I get into auto collision and still don’t remember much about it. If you have a little time, for a change, maybe you could come here and discuss all of this with my Doctor. It seems to be that my Mother has become my Dom, and thats not good for me. What do I do?

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