62 Olds

Have you ever lived
inside the belly
of a 62 Olds?

Blood red upholstery
raises your quarters
with chrome steeled inlays
cold steel inlays that reflect


from your self

its roomy inside,you tell yourself
with a 392 under the hood
but its all you got
and the rust in her panels
and the lint in your pockets

junk filled veins collapse under the weight

One thought on “62 Olds”

  1. I never chose to walk away,
    Your deceit threw me out the door.
    What I came there for
    Challenged my head
    Making me unworthy ever more.
    I’m passive and so silent
    your everything I’m not
    I know you can do better…
    I have no choice…
    You have a lot.

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