twist mingle, tingle
turned around
tasting teasing
strings woven of burnt flesh
icy kisses float down
until I fall in love again.

10 thoughts on “drip”

  1. The Borg is back! Yay! Your comment lit my blog right up…not that we would want human frailties like word addictions to get in the way…but you’ve been missed! short, potent and powerful treat for us this evening…and yes…the scent of the burnt flesh will linger long. Awesome to read you, Borg!

  2. ‘Love is like falling and falling is like this’ nice tight write, borg, excellent alliteration for maximum impact–and good to see you back around the pub,

  3. Love this!

    OK here is a question: I would like to post your poem

    Line the white

    in my month long tribute to poetry and poets I admire for National Poetry Month? I will send people your way.

    Let me know your thoughts…

    Peace, Jen

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