snowflake up in flame
turn to ash on my tonque
little dreams that slowly turned
away from light.

watch the snow fall and burst into flame
the night airs kisses warm soft
touches to my face

I wonder what happened
to the dreams that were chased away

6 thoughts on “snow”

  1. Borg…the dreams are still there, you’ve just got to run faster!!! Love the image that comes to mind watching snow fall then bursting to flame…fantastic! Thanks for visiting too…you were missed 🙂

  2. Gary, it is with great pleasure that I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Your blog is an amazing amalgam of poetry! We NEED you!

    Please see my blog for guidelines on how to accept the nomination.

    Happy New Year my Friend!


  3. yes what happens to them…? never thought about it…what happens to the poems, we chased away…? glad you wrote this sir, love the texture of snow, flames, dreams here..

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