rem sleep

rem sleep

painted buildings
lit eternally from the street
an open window
a fallen sill
silver sapphire wraps the scene
beggar an with gym bag poses
moves and goes.

figures tossed along the rumbling
streetcar filled with sardines
eclectic electric
no one hears me scream

pin holes in navy black
my boots hit the ground

I begin again.

original photo by Daniel Morris


55 thoughts on “rem sleep”

  1. oh i can feel you in this…the scene you paint..the screaming..but no one hears…and then the begin again..once again begin again…daily begin again…yes..i can surely feel this..

  2. A most original engagement with the dreamscape – haunting to be sure, this almost repetitive feeling to this particular dream. It’s an emotional scream in words – a cold-handed grip on reality. I must agree with Hedgewitch though in saying, if this is a recurring dream…insomnia please.

  3. Borg…you really are going to have to share with us your autobiography…we can grapple with the images, the fantastic play with words…but I think it may be your story that we are all coming to really want!

  4. the Eternal Recurrence…a Nietzschean nightmare. this sounds futuristic….but, then again, it reminded me of my first marriage.

    I like the descriptiveness, the enjambment, the last lines of rhyme…and the subtle message in not so subtle means you put across in this piece. Very Good Job!!

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