silver silhouetto

Abandoned Warehouse

a breath bounces
from tongue to tongue
back again
the night air creases the rain

your fingers dance in mind
a little game we used to play
night time crawling pleasures
drop the tab begin again

endless forever
a silver silhouetto
inside the Queen

36 thoughts on “silver silhouetto”

    1. Okay, now I am blushing..well, not really. If I had skin pigment, I would be blushing! Thanks for your thoughts..I really did enjoy your piece!

  1. I’m seriously starting to doubt your “borgness” LOVED this one! The first stanza blew my mind…the rest just resonated off the remaining pieces…Bravo, dear Borg. I’ve a new favorite 🙂

  2. Quite the eerie photo–and it sets up that sense of a mind haunted by some past dancing around in it, with a tricksy play on words at the end. Enjoyed the assimilation.

  3. the breath bouncing from tongue to tongue..starts so tender and sensual and then changes direction…the silver silhouetto
    inside the Queen is a srong image as well

  4. Very good write. I may be seeing this a bit different, but there are a few key words that If I had to defend this particular take I have, I totally can. If it is the way I’m inclined to read it is, tremendous job keeping an element of mystery, a layer needed to be peeled apart to get to the heart of the matter. If not this take, then it still works as many of the others described. But anyway, my take on poetry is that whatever is struck within the reader, is the intended path indeed. Really enjoyed the write, thanks for sharing:)

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