She rubs coal dust in her face
just to make it shine
past the bright lights and the big city cars

its all we have
and whats left in our hands
real, twisted yellow bloated
corpse that breathes
it gives
a shiver to the core
molding itself to the outline

strapped up like a kidney stone
the coal washes away
streaks itself to her face

pokes a little deeper
a little deeper
little deeper


Thanks to Judge Whisky over in Australia for the line about the coal.
Original Photo by


22 thoughts on “coal”

  1. Your descriptions and scenes are fantastic. I find I can read a lot into your writing; it can often be taken from several different angles, with several different possible meanings. I really enjoy your poetry, it’s rare to get the dark aspects of life down in poetry form without sounding trite.

  2. coal is the black diamond -its expensive- it is in a dangerous world, where hard work is required.Life is at risk. Great expression and Yes Poetry can bring a revolution.Pleasure to read…

  3. superb.

    you are quite productive and talented.
    keep it up.

    hope to see you in poetry picnic tomorrow, share a piece of poem that is spooky, or autumn related, bless you,

    Happy End of October.

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