Sunday dancer

slithering like a serpent among the pews
calling you to dance
music runs slow over your breasts
pull, breathe, push down

knees drawn closer tighter
serpent swirls in a cloud,
like bitter perfume
scented from the dead

music raises ghosts
passions that you lost when you slept
there is no man Jesus here
only the serpent, and you.

I wrote this because not of the actual prompt at tonight, which is'”taboo” but I was reading a poem by claudia schoenfeld and I was going to reply how sensuous her poem was and the line, slithering like a serpent among the pews came to mind and would not let go,

I love Jesus, but the line kept twisting and the result is what you have above.

This will hopefully be my only “bio” to any poem I write. I like to leave that to your own imaginings.


10 thoughts on “Sunday dancer”

  1. You know what they say, “the hottest boys in town are the sons of the preacher man”. This is quite the poem where the passions rise in the still and tedium of religious services. And it’s not new. I read Pepys Diary. He followed Charles II’s mistress to church every Sunday just to watch how her body moved through the service. Ha.

  2. hey i like that you point out the danger and immense power and seduction sexuality has… this is why i placed the sex in my poem in a church context – in a holy environment. i wanted to underline the holiness and make it a sanctuary itself when “used” in the right way…thanks for this..enjoyed yours

  3. Smoky and very real, this serpent. Seems much more real that someone you might meet only in a dream or a sermon. Maybe that’s why the music has to be there.

  4. wow, very slick, smooth, and slithery just like the snake you speak of. I like this. There’s an ebb and flow to it that mezmorized me. I think you should write more of these “bio” poems. Its goooood! 🙂

  5. Curse the serpent…been a sneaky little fellow since the beginning of man 😉 I like the intro…the personal touch…sometimes it’s best if my imagination is NOT left to run!

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