yellowed sunshine

Original photo by Théo La Photo

confusion balls in
like a freight train running the rails
outside of the lines
just racing to pounce to bite rip tear

jump up to jump down
the street lies just the same
there is no end
to what has never begun

secrets remain hidden
under the streetlights glowing glare
you washed your hands in the gutter
and left me there


18 thoughts on “yellowed sunshine”

  1. I hate cities–and you bring all of why i do in this one–images that perfectly suit the understated, visceral ending. Video was a plus, also, perfect modulation.

  2. shhhh… at work… video won’t work. Hope I can revisit later. Powerful poem though, I’m picking up vibes of…… not abandonment, more like aloofness, uncaring, ungrateful, unremarkable maybe, like two ships passing in the night, for a moment, for a second in time they are apprised of the full glory of one another, fully alongside and aware, but the ships pass and the moment fades…. then one washes hands in the gutter and leaves apparently, no cares, no memories, on to the next sea, the next street, the next ship to pass. That’s what I found in your poem…..

  3. Yay! Yay you! The poem was powerful before the reading, but that deadpan gaze with the potent finish…bravo! Would love to work up the nerve to do the video thing…and I humbly bow to you for this share.

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