she walks away and into the moon
she walks away and leaves the room
trailing behind her
are a million untold dreams
held by a million silken seams

she turned to go
to hide the pain
she turned to go
caress the window frame

she turned to go
with bruises on her arms
nails in her feet

she cant seem
to say no
she cant seem to go
except to the window
where she lies below

spoken little dreams
shattered little dreams
only if she came out from her hiding place
only if she came out from her hiding place

don’t you want to know


19 thoughts on “hiding”

  1. This should be crooned in a cracked and childlike Baby Jane voice, not merely read–but my brain supplied the special effects. It’s a bad thing not to be able to say no.

  2. I’m not sure if I feel sad for her, Gary, because I don’t know what her untold dreams are, she didn’t tell us. But your mind works in an expressly soft way and this arrangement of words is simply beautiful…. Joy is right, I think this would be awesome if read aloud by someone with a voice like Bette Davis….

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