Train Station

i’m at the station
and you
you are onboard
and you
dont know where
you can go

lets sit and listen
to the steel rails rolling
to the steel wheels rolling
across the plains
and through your dreams

I, I have to go now
before I take you by the hand
please understand
please understand
that I, I am only
reaching for the sky,
and I, I am only
the one who makes you cry
cry cry cry


21 thoughts on “station”

  1. Uggg…it can be so very hard to reach as far as possible while trying to maintain that hold on the one you love. This reeks of sacrifice, loss, but is countered with the balance of hope and promise. I can see the train pulling away from the station…just can’t quite tell if you were able to let go to step aboard…Thought this awesome…

  2. This has a music even without any instrument or voice. A violin and a sad guitar, maybe. Sometimes the sky isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but this poem is flying out there anyway.

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