Original photo by nathalielaure @flikr
steam from an opened door
your heartbeat

paper pulled taut
across the sheets
glistens under pale moon

caress, arrest
your fears are sullen
mute reminders

a finger strokes gently
across the shadows


28 thoughts on “unbuttoned”

  1. This one runs hot and cold, shivers in both directions. The refrain is sensuous but also carries a whiff of the void. Tight writing.

  2. nice bit of intimacy in here…the shadows pulse and heart unbuttoned are my fave phrases….i get what hedge is saying…certainly emotive…

  3. Nice…love the consistent end to each stanza…tight as hedge stated….a great one for reading outloud…at the pub…bkm

  4. I guess we’re free to guess why paper is pulled taut across sheets – gave me several images…magazines? the paper on doctors examining tables, lamp shades not likely, not sure about that stanza unless it’s all a bit of imagination. But I liked the construction, the rhythm and the repetition. Very poetic.

  5. Very classy write! Writes like this will move the revolution along beautifully! My mind could have went numerous directions, dark, light, love, fright…I’m sticking with the love vibe!

  6. I enjoyed this piece. The concept of the “unbuttoned” images worked for me, particularly the heartbeat. Each of the images is bared to the observer. Then I asked myself, “Who has done the unbuttoning?” I like the fact that it could be either actor in this communication.

  7. This has a nice smooth, sensual flow to it … I especially liked the last stanza …. throughout the poem it’s like “unbuttoned” is one of those things you might whisper to a lover … Great job!

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