A Simple Poem

Original Photo by Franco Folini @ Flikr

There is some rain on the horizon
frost falling snow
but we do nothing but ramble on
but we do nothing but stumble on

crossing over the barrier

time sweeps us to sea
time swipes us by
time is gone and then you blink your eye

friday night sunday morn
I wait for the idea to be born
malignant stagnant cursive scribe

the bed is lonely on the other side
west side east side emptiness
sit still and hear the wavering cry
sit still as the echoes begin to die

we were never forgotten

19 thoughts on “A Simple Poem”

  1. Incredibly touching….stumbling through life in the lonely aftermath, I presume, of a broken heart. This so elegantly describes that most intense, powerful emotion that we all suffer at times…. This is a beautiful poem…

  2. Sense of loss, feelings attenuated, song rhythms vanishing into some all absorbtive material…flotsam in the human sea. Fine writing, and subtler than it appears at first read.

    1. Thanks you Hedge. Poetry tends to be the more personal of all art forms, hence the subtleties that go with such expression. As always, appreciate you taking time to drop bye!

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