Burning fires

She’s mean and well
behind her eyes is a deep deep well
and you know you know
you can never tell

the tide it turns
and she yearns and she yearns
but you can never tell
what is down in that deep deep well

her smile calls and it calls
dripping sweet venom to my knees
I do what what she pleases pleases

turn over go to sleep sleep
and feel the gentle lies
the gentile lies behind your eyes
burning yearning but its not coming free
burning yearning trurning inside of me

trying to set us free
trying to set us free

roll over and say you love me
say it from behind shuttered eyes
and dont ever leave
dont ever leave me
dont you ever leave me

roll over and open those eyes
the lights are burning yearning
and your the one to blame
one your eyes can only see

burning yearning me.

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