Flying along

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions
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Flying along in your silver tears
no one knows your hidden fears
but you swim you swim and you float along
and they all think everything’s okay but I know you’re wrong

and the pain is real and the pain is deep
but you cry and you cry
deep inside and cant get away
cant get away from the hurt inside
but you try you try

flying along a crescent moon
your soul longs for the crescent moon
and you can smile and smile when
we are alone and that’s the truth

smile and smile the pain away
under the crestless moon
and the mountain gloom where the lilies lay
where the lilies lay

freedom comes in a box in a box
a box of flesh and a box of blood
hanging there on a cross of wood

it’s just between you and me
and all the rest
’cause it’s free it’s free
and the rest is to

hold my hand as we walk anew
hold my hand and say I do
believe in me as I believe in you
and walk away, walk away from the past you knew.


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