Pig monkeys and broken mirrors

Slit back chrome wheeled
walking Queens
stretched out limo
stretched out sidewalks
bleary eyes, muted ears.
we saw movement beyond the shadow
darkened twilight
hoax of our senses
bang bang it said
we were dead


22 thoughts on “Pig monkeys and broken mirrors”

  1. Grim, but fully, all too fully, three dimensional. Leaving the spaces wide open lets a lot of light, and a lot of dark congregate here.

  2. This is the high life…and you’re dead before you know it! Quick, fierce write, grim, but all too frequent. Big city dreams, rolling on chemically induced fantasy…the fun can only last so long. Like I said…fierce! Write on Poet! And welcome back to the pub! 🙂

    1. thanks tash for the thoughts. It is a raw piece for me, autobiographical, fun, dark. And we were dead, living an immortal night that lasted an eternity.

  3. I read this twice and it brought to mind the Rap culture. Perhaps I read this with a different view. I got the obvious, but something rang out the second time I read it. Great poem either way! Strong and thought provojing for me.. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Whheeww!! That sure gave me the chills! And to add to it, I was watching some crime thriller when I was reading this poem.. so, DOUBLE the chills!

    Loved the pace of the poem though! Quick and sudden!

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