Me and The Z

Well come now children
and hear the tale
of The Z and a red cocktail

Ol’ Bill poured me a drink
made from the dishwater
of his kitchen sink
added some spice and a little juice
called it a Caesar
and it set my eye balls loose.

Now ol’ Z
a teetotaler was he
but then came the rum
and he was done

railroads and menaces
we did incur
but the alcohol we drank was always so pure
Jesus saved our dying grace
The Z was painted
plastered in place

We found heaven
in a glass of gin
and laughter erupted over our grins
elbows were bent, heads tilted back
Z the teetotaler never went back

All good men must live and die
all good men must live in a lie
all good men find some pain

and the bottle is a dozen
wanting to find us again


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