Dance on your feet

Dance with you arms in the air
dance like you no longer care
shake and you shake your golden hair
its a dream its a dream
but we all still shout
but no one knows whats its all about

its Saturday night
and were getting tight
and the drinks they spill
and I’m slurring still

I want to hold you close
dance all night
but there is no way we can
because it’s all here and it’s all gone
we weep we weep
bitter still
one last drink before we leave
and I look at you and say to you
lets get home
lets get home and let our bodies roam

dance on your feet, dance in the air
we loved and we loved like we didn’t care
the world swept by picture still
and they cried and they cried when we left behind
a memory of what was once
and what was still

we loved and we loved
but the music stopped
and the band went home
no more drinks
and I am awakened by the scream
did you dream did you dream
of the fateful day when our love broke away?


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