Jeremiah and the 7Up Can

Sitting on a pop can
in a cloak of black
looking into the universe
a stream of cars and worse

hookers and bennies
line the street
homeless children with rags on their feet
all her and it is all for show
a glitter a glam, some blow

dusting the sprinkles on the edge
a little left on the lid
wash it down with a hose
see the police car coming
step back into the shadows.

rise above chaotic dream
throated and muted
eyeless to the skies you look
no hope, no salvation lying on your fingers
gun barrel drawn
silver lining gone

we see the stars
touched by their beauty
a moment
life runs down the sewer
it is done.


7 thoughts on “Jeremiah and the 7Up Can”

  1. You filled in a few more blanks with this one, and while my mind isn’t waltzing away creating fantastic hidden meanings, it is certainly dancing with the fantastic imagery you’ve provided. Hope you know, I have so joined the revolution!

    1. Thanks Natasha. I was unsure of this one as it drew pretty close to the heart for me. For me, sometimes there can be no hidden words or meaning, but the truth of the moment, pure and bare. I think Jeremiah comes close to that. Thanks for joining the Revolution!!

  2. there is a definite finality to this and I can imagine this being a reality in many neighborhoods (I live in LA) I like your realist approach to this very much!

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