Refractional romance

It’s almost like dating
and it makes me smile
tracing the outline of your smile
on my computer screen

The bus stop moved forward
a little past the line
rain fell in time
saints played the 40 yards
but we never got your name.

Lines from old movies
songs forgotten out of tune
this refractional romance
soft winters dance.

31 thoughts on “Refractional romance”

  1. Refracted into a bent universe, movies, songs on computer speakers, love of images, poems in the blogosphere and you are not 7 of 9 but I think you might be independent of the borg. The piece is modern and reading it made me…think. Well done. Thanks for linking.

    1. True. I am not 7 of 9. But I form a part of a collective known as humanity, which befuddles itself, trying to reach perfection, as the Borg. I try to be independent as possible and where possible. Conformity makes me itch.

      Thank you for your comments and I am going to find out if my wife has any hidden shoes!

  2. I admire the light touch here, and the way you move smoothly from thought to thought, image to image, to draw us into a refracted reality that mimics a full unconscious, speaking below the level of audibility. Glad to be introduced to your work tonight.

  3. I read this several times and I liked it better each time. It’s funny how the mind works, isn’t it, linking one thing to another? I like the title, as well. 🙂 Nice to make a new poetical acquaintance. Cheers!

  4. This poem went to a few different places and retained the core of simplicity written in the title. I enjoyed this, the images, the movement, the shyness and the allusions.

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