One Last Dance on a Friday night

I want one last dance
before I go to sleep
one last dance
last kiss

I want one last dance
on a Friday night
watching the disco stars swirl above your eyes

One last dance
and love never lies
and love never dies

reach for the ceiling

capture the scene

Immortal sleep


20 thoughts on “One Last Dance on a Friday night”

  1. Whipped into a fantastic frenzy by your words AND the image. I used to love dancing till dawn, back when my bones allowed such things. The few memories that survived such trances are more colourful than most but I think they are based somewhat in reality. I’m going to add you to my blogroll now in an effort to share with the world the miracle that you are (thanks for visiting!)..consider engagement complete 😉 And a happy OpenLinkNight, of course!

  2. nice…love itself is a dance we learn as we go along and sometimes wish never had to stop…like the beat in your words…and energy…even in the face of eternal sleep….dance on love…

  3. this reminds me i haven’t been out dancing in ages…think i should put this on my to do list…even though your poem is about more than dancing i the feeling

  4. I think I tediously quoted TS Eliot to you about the dance once before so I’ll spare you a repeat, but the dance is always one of my favorite subjects in poetry–you show why here.

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