Footprints in the Snow
Footprints in the Snow

these are the footprints she left behind
before she turned around to go


these are the footprints of a child
following her in the snow


the camera shook slightly
tears stained by the glaze
it was her time to go



–Rest in peace Trooper. We will meet again some sunny day.

love is good

Summer Sky rainbow
Summer Sky rainbow

it defies the odds
gravity and logic
love meanders its way
through endless stars and summer skies
lovers hearts and hands
pull tight against the coming
nestled semi circles entwined enmeshed engorged
until we come up for air
and sink back down


a hollowed out tomb
it echoes
between here and now
covered by a white dust shroud
i hear their dead but alive voices
rise above the laugh track
giving sway to the spell
that we were something more
than simply


I stare at the emptiness around me
“Nothing is this empty” I think
But the thoughts come from nowhere
I reach out, my arm seems to extend forever
I shout, though I hear no sound
I become comfortably numb in thought
Though I am not comfortable
And thoughts do not exist
I am numb, I am nothing
My feet touch no surface
My fingers touch no object
I hear no sound in my ears
What is happening to me?
I seem to breathe though there is no oxygen
And the earth swallows me whole.

By Anna age 11

An online voice of one